You’re not just buying a home, you’re investing

in an equity share in your community.

On a foothills acreage, snow removal, grass cutting, and enhanced security systems for a single home would be expensive and impractical. However, thanks to strata ownership with 48 other homeowners, this kind of freedom from seasonal maintenance and worry becomes affordable at River Edge. And annual taxes and the cost of infrastructure services are projected to be highly competitive with those of a city neighbourhood. But the benefits of our strata structure go much further than affordability, peace of mind, tidy yards and clear driveways.

City laws mandate that 10% of any development remain green space, but thanks to our healthy disregard for the law: Over 50% of River Edge will remain untouched by development.
And you’ll have a stake in all of it. An equity share in that land and decisions on its future.

Normally, strata ownership just involves financial liability, but thanks to our minimal subdivision density plan, the natural beauty of the land is preserved now—and a long term asset is safeguarded for the future.